Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia


Hello Friends,

Ok I have had this book on my TBR for a really long time and decided to jump into it and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Here we go.

Rating: 3 Stars

First I do really like this cover. I love how the tattoo directly plays into the story. Poughkeepsie is about Blake Hartt, who is homeless and he spends his time in a train station where he sees Livia everyday and basically they fall in love. The story follows the couple along with Blake’s brothers and Livia’s sister and the problems their lives in Poughkeepsie throws at them. Yes I know I am being rather vague but I truly hate it when reviews spoil a book for me.

Now my personal thoughts…well I must say Livia’s immediate trust and acceptance, or the level of her acceptance, for Blake who is a homeless stranger was a tad worrisome. The insta love left me wanting for some angsty goodness, and pretty much all the relationships were highly unrealistic. However, I really enjoyed reading this story. Blake’s gentlemanly ways was an added touch of old fashion romance to the story and I truly enjoyed that. My favorite characters where Mouse and Beckett, even though they should not have been characters you would like they had some enduring qualities about them that just drew me to them. The story did drag in some places and it never really made my heart race but I did cry at a few points so it did pull emotions out of me. All in all I did enjoy the read. I might pick up the following books at some point in the future just to see what happens to these characters but I won’t be jumping into them right away.

If you are considering this book but you are sensitive to language be mindful this book does cross that line frequently.

Happy Reading,

M. A.

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