The Door by Lizzy Ford


5 stars

Hello Lovlies,

First I want to say I was so blessed to have received this book in exchange for an honest reveiw and it was fabulous!

Oh My Godness! I loved this book. So it is about a girl named Gianna and she gets herself in a little bit of trouble, not rally her fault though, and is sent to a bed and breakfast in Arizona for probation. The Caretaker of the B & B is a cranky older lady who is not very fond of Gianna…at all. There is one rule at the B & B…NEVER LOCK THE DOOR. Then the strangers start to show up, they arrive every night and disapper every morning. One night one of these visitors shows up wounded and Gianna has to help save his life and they form a bond. Before Gianna has a chance to learn about the strange things that happens at the B & B and about the visitors she is left alone with them and she defies the old caretakers only rule…she locks the door.

Oh man…this book kept me on my toes with my heart racing. I even had to pace the floor a few times. It was suspenseful,  angsty, and the world building was beautiful. Gianna truly grew from a troubled, frightened young girl to a young woman with a purpose. Then we have Teyan, who is sweet, strong, and so swoon worthy. I loved these two and the way the author handled their differences was perfect for me. The book was action packed and in all honesty, can some please call Hollywood because I would just adore to see this in a film or T.V. the potential is endless for it.

There are books that pass the time, book that you really enjoy, and then there are books that your fall so deep into their world that when you finish it takes a little while to fully come back to the real world, The Door was one of those books. I didn’t want to leave their world, I want more. Even though the author pretty much wrapped everything up I would have loved maybe a little glimpse as to what followed with these wonderful characters. I would recommend this book to everyone. In fact you should seriously go get and start reading it….like now, right now.

Cussing: There was some mild cussing, but really very little

Violence: I would say medium on the violence. It is absolutely there but not too graphic at all.

If you have read The Door  I would love to hear your thoughts, let me know in the comments.

M. A.

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