Thicker Than Blood by Madeline Sheehan and Claire C. Riley


Rating: 4 stars

Hello Pretties,

I’m back with another book I just finished and holy shnikey I think I need therapy from this one.

Thicker Than Blood is about two friends, best of friends, trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, and that’s all the back ground I’m going to give because I don’t want to give to much away.

I have to be honest, I  had a really hard time rating this book. Part of me wanted to give it just one star because I feel so empty inside, so emotionally spent, and I want to shake my fist at the authors saying “how dare you do this to me and your characters.” The other part of me wanted to give it 4 stars, for all those same reasons, because in the end isn’t that the authors job? To make us hurt, laugh, cry, just to FEEL. Just throug words on paper.

I LOVE me a good zombie book, and though this book did not disappoint it was different from those I have read in the past in the sense that these authors really went for “reality” in the sense of how society would just fall apart if life as we knew it came to an end. I loved these two friends, Eve and Lei, the love they had for each other reminded me so much of myself and my bestie so much so it was hurtful sometimes while I was reading. The growth both of them go through was very well played out. This book is dark and heavy but the authors put some sweet, funny, and even swoony moments in there that only served to rip your heart out later because you truly start to love and care for these characters. There was a moment in there I had to put the book down because it got so intense I had to pace a few moments before coming back to it.  The book jumps right off from the beginning smack into the middle of the action and does not stop till the end of it. The only two reasons it did not get 5 stars is because the epilogue  to me seemed a bit out of place but not enough to ruin the story. As well as because though I love a good zombie story the realistic view of societies demise, and total loss of humanity everywhere was just more than I enjoy. I do prefer stories that do show that silver lining and I just didn’t get that enough here.

Language: yes this story does have quite a bit of language

Violence: yep, lots of violence including sexual violence

Recommend: Yes, I would recommend this to my friends that are not sensitive to the 2 above areas. It was a good read.


Well there you have it pretties, another book down and I am moving onto the next one. I am also currently working on a couple stories of my own. I have my book I’m working on as well as getting started on a fan fiction piece so my updates might not be as often as once or twice a week. Happy Reading !

M. A.


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