Safe with you by Sophie Lira


Rating: 3 Stars

* I was given this ebook by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Hello Pretties!

Well, let’s jump right in to Safe With You. This is a story about Olivia, who is running from her past in the hopes of starting new but doesn’t really expect to be able to. The only connection she has to her past is her best friend Natasha, who lives in another city, and her brother Tyler who lives in another state, so Olivia is pretty much all on her own. Until she runs into Kyle, who has some baggage of his own he is trying to deal with, or suppress, how ever you want to look at it. There are other characters that come into play as these two broken youngsters try their hardest to move forward in their lives.

When I originally read the blurb for Safe with you I thought this is right up my ally. You got a broken girl who is strong enough to fix herself with the help of guy who doesn’t have it all together either, meaning they will have to help each other…my kind of book. So I really wanted to just love this book, unfortunately I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong I liked the characters and enjoyed the story but the writing style got in the way for me. I know writing styles are very subjective so others might love it, it just wasn’t my favorite. I found myself wanting the writing to go deeper…give me just a little more. There were times the story felt really rushed and I had to reread an area sometimes just to get a feel for the scene. The idea behind the story was great, the characters were likable, or hateable for those bad guys,  and I found some funny parts as well. It was enjoyable but I just  couldn’t get pulled into to it, and so I gave it 3 stars.

Violence: it’s there but not to graphic

Sex: once again it’s there but not to graphic

We’ll sweets that is all for today. I will be updating again here with in a week.

Have a blessed week,

M. A.

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