Wake the Hollow by Gaby Triana


Rating: 5 stars

Author: Gaby Triana

Cover: Gorgeous…Love this cover.

Publication date: August 2nd 2016

Format: ebook

** I received this book for free through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review **

Hey Pretties!

Oh my…this book! First I was totally drawn to this book because of the “Sleepy hollow” connection. Even though I have not actually read the original short story, I will be now, the story has a special place in my heart. My father has a funny story from his military days that ties into sleepy hollow that he used to tell me about when I was a kid and I still love hearing about it to this day. So because of that I went into Wake the Hollow with excited anticipation. Ok here we go.

Micaela (Mica) chose to go live with her father in Miami 6 years ago, leaving her crazy obsessed mother by herself in Sleepy Hollow. Now that Mica has been notified that her Mother has  been found dead she has been drawn back to Sleepy Hollow where pretty much the entire town hates her and her family.  But then comes the voices and dreams telling her that things are not as they had seemed with her mother. Mica feeling the need to figure out what happened and sets out to find the truth about her family and the legend her home town is famous for.

I loved this book. It sucked me in so fast that I couldn’t even stop reading long enough to take notes for this review. Oh my poor heart was a racing while reading this. I felt every emotion poor Mica felt, her fear, the tears, and the confusion on who to trust. The writing was amazing. There are two young men that are trying to help her out, Bram and Dane, both of these men are from very different back grounds and she has no clue which one is truly there for her and not for their own selfish motives….and neither did I. I constantly went back and forth on which one I prefered, who I wanted her to fall for. The constant push and pull for who I wanted to truly be the bad guy out of all the possible bad guys had me staying up all night so I could read just one more page. This book has wet my appetite for these types of stories, the ones that are inspired by old legends or literature, it was such a great ride. The only downside I would have would be the ending…ugg I kept swiping back and forth between the last sentence and the page after hoping beyond hope there would be more. Because gosh darn it I want more, I will even beg for it, I have no shame. Please, oh please Ms. Gaby Triana bless us with a novella…an epilouge… a bonus chapter tucked away on wattpad…something Please.  Ahhhh book depression so bitter sweet.

Language: mild, though there are a few f-bombs scattered in there. Like 3 or 4.

Sexy stuff: very mild

Would I recommend this one: ummm let me think….HECK YES! Everyone must read this one. Seriously go pre-order it right now because I need someone to chat with about it.

Well, there you have it. Let me know if you have read any stories that are inspired by old legends or stories. I would love to hear your recommendations.

Have a blessed week!

M. A.


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