Lord Bachelor by Tammy L. Bailey


Rating: 4 stars

Title: Lord Bachelor

Author: Tammy L. Bailey

Published date: December 2015

** I was blessed to receive this free ebook from the author in exchange for a honest review**

Hello Lovlies,

I just finished this lovely book this afternoon and wanted to share it with you all. A little background for ya.

Lord Edmund Rushwood has just found out that he has until his 26th birthday to find a wife, thanks to his father’s will, and not just any wife but a wife that is wealthy and of nobel blood or he will be stripped of his title and inheritance. To keep his selfish lifestyle he agrees to go on the American dating show “Love Match.” However, he does not plan on meeting Abby Forester, a beautiful feisty American collage student/record store owner who complicates things for Lord Rushwood.

I so enjoyed this book. It was sweet, funny, and angsty. Ms. Bailey did a wonderful job with her characters. I adored Abby, she was flawed but as a reader I fully understood where those flaws and fears came from. Edmund, on the other hand, I wanted to backhand and the next moment I wanted to kiss him, then smack him again. He was pompous and rude so I spent the beginning of the book frustrated with him until he showed his swoony side. Holly was sweet and I just wanted to hug her. Then there is Will….lets just thrown him off a bridge shall we. These characters were well developed and thier growth through the story flowed seamlessly . The plot was such a fun mix of the TV show and a classical romance novel that it was one of those books you hug and sigh when your done reading it. All in all Lord Bachelor was a fun and easy read.

Language: Very mild unless you are sensitive to the British equivalents to our curse words.

Shmexy shmexy stuff: This one is kind of hard for me to rate. It is there but it was done rather well.

Would I recommend this: Absolutely!

We’ll sweets there is my thoughts on this lovely book. If you have read it or have suggestions on other books let me know in the comments.

Have a blessed Sunday,

M. A.

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