Review Policy

Over the past several years I have had several friends’ contact me and more than one occasion to ask me for book recommendations or my thoughts on a popular YA book to see if it was an appropriate read for their kids. I know it is hard to pre-read all your children’s books before they read them, shoot I love to read and it can be difficult for me as well. That is why I do my content reviews.

In these reviews you will get a two part review.

*The first part is my feeling on the book. This portion of the review will have a star rating attached to it. Please see my rating style below.

*The second part will have spoilers in it letting you know exactly what content is in the book. Now I am not telling anyone what is appropriate for your kids, only you can do that, I am just giving you the content so you can make that decision if you want your children to read it.



My rating style,


5 Stars – Not only did I love it but it has climbed its way into my heart and set up residency. I will be reading it again.
4 Stars – Totally enjoyed it and it was worth my time. Would possibly read it again.
3 Stars – Meh! It was ok, I was entertained but wasn’t swoon worthy in love.
2 Stars – I finished the book just because I started it and wanted to see it through.
1 star – Just was not my cup of tea