Because of Low by Abbi Glines


Rating: 4 stars

Good Morning Sweets,

I have a fun little read that I finished this morning I wanted to share with you all. Ok, let’s jump in…

Because of Low is about Marcus and Willow “Low.” Marcus moved back home from collage because of a family crisis. He moves in with Cage, who is a total womanizer playboy. Then Low shows up and all kinds of yummy, angsty goodness ensues.

I read Breathe, the first book in this series, and though I fully enjoyed it, something was lacking I just wasn’t sure what it was. It was a fun read, I liked the characters but I just couldn’t  fall into the story how I liked to. Well, after reading Because of Low I figured out why. Marcus, is one of the secondary characters in breathe. I was pulled to him in the first book and that is why I picked up the second book. I realized that the issues the couple in Breathe went through just didn’t ring true for me, they would not have been a large enough issue for me personally. However, the issues in Because of Low were not the case. These issues rang real and plausible to me.

Marcus and Low go through some hard times. Some are self inflicted due to past experiences, poor choices,and some are due to outside forces. I really enjoyed these characters a lot. We got to see more into who Marcus is and I really love how the author wrote the character in such a way you could totally understand the reasons behind his actions, as misguided as they may have been. Low was so relatable that you couldn’t help but love her. Even Cage, as screwed up as he is you still wanted to see more of him. Oh, don’t worry there was a few characters I was hoping would get a beat down, maybe in a future book. All in all Because of Low was a fun and easy read.

You can read my review for Breathe on my goodreads if you like more info on that book.

Violence: very mild

Language: high…not as bad as other books but F  bombs are present so if you are sensitive to that just be mindful.

Sexy stuff: Med to high, it is more graphic then a YA, this is new adult, but not to over the top.

Hope you have a blessed day everyone!

M. A.


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